Past Speakers

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  Date Speaker Topic
1126 18 Feb 20 Feltham, Josh Five-lined Skinks: Life on the Edge
1125 21 Jan 20 Agro, David Saving rare birds in Ecuador
1124 17 Dec 19 Davy, Christina Thinking like a turtle
1123 19 Nov 19 Moldowan, Patrick Salamander studies
1122 15 Oct 19 Gartshore, Mary Habitat restoration in Norfolk County
1121 17 Sep 19 Brodie Members Various
1120 21 May 19 Wilson, Chris Evolution and Paleoecology of Lake Trout
1119 16 Apr 19 Johnson, Marc Evolution as a result of urbanization
1118 19 Mar 19 Fraser, Gail Cormorants at Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto
1117 19 Feb 19 Oldham, Mike Rare plants of Ontario
1116 15 Jan 19 Eyles, Nick Glacial ice streams
1115 18 Dec 18 Tomlinson, David Natural area planning in Aurora
1114 20 Nov 18 Whittam, Terry Monarch butterfly tagging
1113 16 Oct 18 Strickland, Dan Canada Jays
1112 18 Sep 18 Brodie members Various
1111 15 May 18 Bell, Anne Madagascar
1110 17 Apr 18 Addison, Ed Parasites of Ontario
1109 20 Mar 18 Beresford, David Biting flies of Ontario
1108 20 Feb 18 Dunn, Erica What good is a bird observatory
1107 16 Jan 18 Kvist, Sebastian Natural history of leeches
1106 12 Dec 17 Campbell, Lesley Natural history of social drug plants
1105 21 Nov 17 Welch, Ken Hummingbird physiological ecology
1104 17 Oct 17 Latta, Mari Auger archaeological site
1103 19 Sep 17 Brodie members various
1102 23 May 17 Peter, Justin Rajasthan and Gujarat
1101 18 April 17 Moldowan, Patrick Biodiversity and conservation on Mauritius
1100 14 Mar 17 Runtz, Michael How beavers enhance sex life of moose
1099 21 Feb 17 Raboy, Becky Lion tamarins of Brazil
1098 17 Jan 17 Dengler, Nancy Inside C4 photosynthesis
1097 13 Dec 16 Mill, Peter Ontario amphibians throughout development
1096 15 Nov 16 Nol, Erica Survival of songbirds in settled landscapes
1095 18 Oct 16 Schueler, Fred and Karstad, Aleta Mudpuppies
1094 18 Sep 16 Brodie members
1093 17 May 16 Peregrine, Andrew Lyme disease
1092 19 Apr 16 Casselman, John Historical overview: Lake Sturgeon
1091 15 Mar 16 Obbard, Marty Polar Bears: is there a tipping point?
1090 16 Feb 16 Kotanen, Peter Do invasive plants escape their enemies?
1089 19 Jan 16 Stutchbury, Bridget New discoveries in bird migration
1088 15 Dec 15 Evans, David New golden age of Canadian dinosaur discovery
1087 17 Nov 15 Richter, Christoph Whale studies
1086 20 Oct 15 Crins, Bill Natural Heritage Systems in Ontario
1085 15 Sep 15 Brodie Members Various
1084 5 May 15 McCauley, Shannon Biology and ecology of Odonata
1083 21 Apr 15 Morris, Tod Conservation of Ontario’s freshwater mussels
1082 17 Mar 15 Jackson, Don What is happening to (and in) Ontario lakes?
1081 17 Feb 15 Barrett, Spencer Plant sex in the wild
1080 20 Jan 15 Cockcroft, Rob Ancient Egyptian astronomy
1079 16 Dec 14 Patterson, Brent Toward Science Based Management of Wolves and Coyotes in Ontario
1078 18 Nov 14 Guglielmo, Chris Physiological Ecology of migration in birds and bats
1077 21Oct 14 Somerset, Felicity Birds, beasts, bugs and other delights
1076 16 Sep 14 Brodie Members Various
1075 6 May 14 Zoladeski, Chris Miocene Legacy: floral similarities of east Asia and eastern North America
1074 15 Apr 14 Bousfield, Ed Amphipods: shrimp without shells
1073 18 Mar 14 Seymour, Kevin The Five Great Extinctions – are we starting a Sixth?
1072 18 Feb 14 Curry, Bob and Slessor, Glenda Bhutan
1071 21 Jan 14 Gwynne, Darryl Six-legged sex: mating meals and sex differences
1070 17 Dec 13 Brodie members Bruce Falls’ biography and career
1069 17-Nov-13 Riley, John Once and future Great Lakes country
1068 15-Oct-13 Casselman, John Dramatic decline of the American eel
1068a     Casselman slides
1067 17-Sep-13 Brodie Members Various
1067-a     Kotanen slides
1066 7-May-13 Paterson, James Ontario Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibians
1065 16-Apr-13 Ambrose, John Plants & curious critters of Pelee Island
1064 19-Mar-13 Sage, Rowan Global change-more than just climate change
1063 19-Feb-13 Baker, Allan Snowbirds in the Land of Fire: Red Knots in winter
1062 15-Jan-13 Rudkin, David Life and times of the earliest horseshoe crabs
1061 11-Dec-12 Larsen, Ellen Lichens
1060 20-Nov-12 Bowman, Jeff Ontario flying squirrels
1059 16-Oct-12 Sutherland, Don Sutton Ridges
1058 18-Sep-12 Brodie members Various
1057 1-May-12 Dunn, Erica Citizen science and the study of natural history
1056 17-Apr-12 Holm, Erling Fishes of Ontario
1055 20-Mar-12 Crins, Bill Birding in northern Peru
1054 21-Feb-12 Fenton, Brock The world through the ears of a bat
1053 17-Jan-12 Frederickson, Megan Ants, plants and the tropical forest
1052 13-Dec-11 Brodie members Various
1051 15-Nov-11 Imhoff, Jack Navigating the biodiversity of Canada’s stream corridors: an exploration
1050 18-Oct-11 McNeil, Jeremy Monarch butterfly migration
1049 20-Sep-11 Brodie members Various
1048 3-May-11 Seymour, Kevin What the fossil record tells us about the evolution of flight and echolocation in bats
1047 15-Apr-11 Rowe, Locke Sexual conflict in the evolution of sexual dimorphism: patterns and process
1046 15-Mar-11 Fryxell, John Spatial predator-prey dynamics in the Serengeti
1045 15-Feb-11 Addison, Ed Unique and diverse flora: the antithesis in the Antipodes
1044 18-Jan-11 Packer, Laurence Bees
1043 14-Dec-10 Rising, Jim Speciation, hybrid zones, and geographic variation in birds
1042 16-Nov-10 Weis, Arthur The curious history (natural and scientific) of plant galls
1041 19-Oct-10 Shen, Chen Peking Man
1040 21-Sep-10 Brodie members Various
1039 11-May-10 Paleczny, Dan Planning, development and eco-tourism considerations for the Valley of the Whales or Wadi el Hitan, a World Heritage Site
1038 20-Apr-10 Stutchbury, Bridget The bird detective: reflections on bird behaviour
1037 15-Mar-10 Evans, David The multi-stressor state of Lake Simcoe: influence of nutrient loading, invasive species, and climate change
1036 16-Feb-10 Eyles, Nick Canada, Ontario and Toronto rocks
1035 19-Jan-10 Wilson, Rob Movement and spatial distribution of Massasauga rattlesnakes and eastern hog-nosed snakes: implications for interactions with roads
1034 15-Dec-09 Strickland, Dan What originally prevented, and later what permitted, the great northern expansion of White-tailed Deer?”
1033 17-Nov-09 Ray, Justina Caribou in the changing north
1032 20-Oct-09 Daly, Martin The social ecology of lethal competition in Homo sapiens
1031 15-Sep-09 Brodie members Various
1030 5-May-09 Darling, Christopher Charles Darwin and the nature of the naturalist
1029 21-Apr-09 Obbard, Martin Current status of the southern Hudson Bay polar bear population
1028 18-Mar-09 Addison, Ed and Rose Land forms and fauna in Australia
1027 17-Feb-09 Wilkinson, Ronald From Paleo-Indians to Parliament: serving Ontario’s archeological past
1026 20-Jan-09 Gray, Paul Climate change in Ontario: some emerging axioms
1025 16-Dec-08 Curry, Robert Northern Peru: October-November 2007
1024 14-Nov-08 Jenish, D’Arcy Epic Wanderer: David Thompson and the mapping of the Canadian West
1023 21-Oct-08 Iron, Jean Akimiski Island in James Bay, Nunavut
1022 16-Sep-08 Brodie members Various
1021 5-May-08 Casselman, John Eels at the edge
1020 15-Apr-08 Falls, Bruce and Falls, Ann Fluctuations of deer mice in Ontario in relation to seed crops
1019 18-Mar-08 Bendell, Jim Life in the Ottawa Valley (mostly Blue Grouse)
1018 19-Feb-08 DeMarco, Jerry Endangered species protection in Ontario
1017 15-Jan-08 Tinline, Roly Rabies in Ontario, past, present, future
1016 11-Dec-07 Johnson, Tim Round Gobies, re-engineering Great Lakes ecosystem
1015 20-Nov-07 McIlveen, William Extinction among insects
1014 16-Oct-07 Iron, Jean Southbound shorebirds
1013 18-Sep-07 Brodie members Various
1012 8-May-07 Johnson, Bob Emerging issues in amphibian and reptile conservation
1011 20-Apr-07 Storck, Peter Journey to the Ice Age
1010 20-Mar-07 Fullard, James The ecology and evolution of moth hearing
1009 20-Feb-07 Tomlinson, David Selecting, Designing, Managing and Monitoring
Urban Wildlife Areas
1008 01/16/07 Weseloh, D.V. (Chip) Weseloh Double-crested Cormorants of the Great Lakes
1007 12-Dec-06 Johnson, Marc Plant genetic variation shapes insect communities
1006 21-Nov-06 Reisz, Robert Earliest dinosaur embryos – significance for evolution
1005 17-Oct-06 Andrade, Maydianne Mating strategies of cannibalistic spiders
1004 19-Sep-06 Brodie members Various
1003 9-May-06 Crins, Bill How protected areas are selected
1002 18-Apr-06 Addison, Ed A difficult year in the life of a moose
1001 21-Mar-06 Mills, Alex Biology of migration timing
1000 21-Feb-06   Meeting invitation
1000 21-Feb-06   Program and menu
1000 21-Feb-06 Scott, Steve, and Falls, Bruce Volcanoes, life and mineral resources of the deep sea, and Restrospective of the Brodie Club
999 17-Jan-06 Eckenwalder, Jim Natural history of poplars
998 13-Dec-05 Brooks, Dan Preserving natural history
997 15-Nov-05 Hebert, Paul The barcode of life
996 18-Oct-05 Seymour, Kevin South American cats
995 20-Sep-05 Brodie members Various
994 10-May-05 Ewins, Peter Climate change in an Arctic ecosystem
993 19-Apr-05 Shettleworth, Sara Do animals think? [No write-up in minutes]
992 15-Mar-05 Falls, Bruce and Falls, Ann The Brodie Club goes to India
991 15-Feb-05 Casselman, John Climate and Great Lakes fisheries
990 18-Jan-05 Morton, Eugene Why tropical birds are different
989 14-Dec-04 Brooks, Ron Turtles
988 16-Nov-04 Strickland, Dan Gray Jay
987 19/109/04 Diego Garcia-Bellido, Diego Burgess Shale
986 21-Sep-09 Brodie members Various
985 4-May-04 Douglas, Marianne Antarctic’s changing environment
984 20-Apr-04 Jones, Colin Dragonflies and damselflies of Ontario
983 16-Mar-04 Rising, James Attenborough film – “Life of Birds”
982 17-Feb-04 Kapches, Mima Archaeology of Toronto
981 20-Jan-04 Riley, John Conservation planning in Ontario
980 9-Dec-03 Bousfield, Ed Search for aquatic megaserpents in Pacific North America
979 18-Nov-03 Thomson, James Fates of pollen grains & nature of mutualism
978 21-Oct-03 Seymour, Kevin Ice age faunas of the Toronto area
977 16-Sep-03 Brodie members Various
976 20-May-03 Lumsden, Harry Travels in eastern Russia
975 15-Apr-03 McCarthy, Francine The deep sea drilling project
974 18-Mar-03 Barrett, Spencer Genetic modification of plants and biodiversity
973 18-Feb-03 McLeish, David Management of aquatic resources of the Great Lakes
972 21-Jan-03 Agrawal, Anurag Offence-defense interactions between insects and plants
971 10-Dec-02 Brooks, Dan Voyage of discovery: maximising our efforts in the global inventory
970 19-Nov-02 numerous Remembering Bill Carrick
969 14-Oct-02 Johnson, Marc Nature around the world
968 17-Sep-02 Brodie members Various
967 21-May-02 Mason, Tom Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation
966 16-Apr-02 Gross, Mart Aquaculture: boon or bane
965 19-Mar-02 Boonstra, Rudy What causes the snowshoe hare cycle in the northern boreal forests?
964 19-Feb-02 Tasker, Ron, and Tasker, Mary Cruise of the Northwest Passage
963 15-Jan-02 Desser, Sherwin How a little knowledge of parasitology can ruin your life
962 11-Dec-01 Money, Peter Penguins, petrels, pinnipends, Pleurophyllum, Plus
961 10-Nov-01 Addison, Ed What makes a moose tick
960 16-Oct-01 Martin, Norm Biotic forest communities of Ontario
959 18-Sep-01 Brodie members Various
958 15-May-01 Lumsden, Harry Russia, 2000
957 17-Apr-01 Speakman, John An Arctic retrospective
956 20-Mar-01 Crins, Bill Hover-flies (Syrphidae) in Ontario
955 20-Feb-01 Larsen, Douglas The paradox of great age in a short-lived species: Escarpment cedar
954 16-Jan-01 Hussell, David and Dunn, Erica Setting priorities for conservation of Canadian birds beyond VTE (Vulnerable, Threatened, Endangered)
953 12-Dec-00 Darling, Christopher Vignettes of natural history
952 21-Nov-00 Bryant, George Around the World in 120 days: natural history on seven continents
951 17-Oct-00 Eadie, Sandra French Polynesia, the Cook Islands and northern Queensland through the eyes of a naturalist
950 19-Sep-00 Brodie members Various
949 16-May-00 Carrick, Bill A history of wildlife filming
948 18-Apr-00 Boswell, Mary Antarctica 2000
947 21-Mar-00 Low, Tom What does global warming have to do with severe weather events?
946 15-Feb-00 Addison, Ed Wildlife corridors — beneficial or detrimental?
945 18-Jan-00 Abraham, Ken The natural history of southwest Baffin: an expedition to the Great Plains fo Baffin Island
944 4-Dec-99 Falls, Bruce The Brodie Club goes to Brazil (video)
943 16-Nov-99 Morris, Glenn Katydid conversations
942 19-Oct-99 Bryant, George What to pack for a four-month world tour: misadventures of a tour leader
941 21-Sep-99 Brodie members Various
940 18-May-99 McAndrews, Jock The Geology of the Oak Ridges Moraine
939 20-Apr-99 Carrick, Bill Induced migration of Tundra Swans
938 16-Mar-99 Harvey, Harold Climate change and fish
937 16-Feb-99 Lumsden, Harry The natural history of the Magadan region of eastern Siberia
936 19-Jan-99 Pendergast, David The Mayans
935 16-Dec-98 Falls, Bruce A video tour of South Africa
934 17-Nov-98 Curry, Robert A seasonal chronology of butterflies in the Hamilton Region
933 20-Oct-98 Riley, John Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve
932 15-Sep-98 Fairfield, George Ashbridges Bay
931 19-May-98 Gwynne, Darryl New Zealand wetas and Darwinian sexual selection
930 21-Apr-98 Theberge, John Wolves of Algonquin Park
929 17-Mar-98 Bendell, Jim Ice storm, and Attawapiskat River trip
928 17-Feb-98 Whelan, Peter; Carrick, Bill Ice storm; films
927 20-Jan-98 Daniels, Sid Amphibians and reptiles of the eastern U.S.A.
926 16-Dec-97 Koslovic, Dan The biology of House Finches
925 18-Nov-97 Sadler, Doug Birds in archeological sites in Ontario
924 21-Oct-97 Tasker, Ron, Falls, Bruce Northern India (including some video)
923 16-Sep-97 Brodie members Various
922 20-May-97 Rapley, William Komodo Dragons: modern dinosaurs
921 15-Apr-97 Desloges, Jjoe Water under glaciers
920 18-Mar-97 Abraham, Ken Are there too many Snow Geese?
919 18-Feb-97 Zomel, Noe Tristan da Cunha
918 21-Jan-97 Wedin, David Prairie ecosystems of Ontario and the Great Plains
917 10-Dec-96 Brodie members Various
916 19-Nov-96 Fowle, David; Rapley, Bill; Huff, Don; Riley, John World Conservation Congress, Montreal
915 15-Oct-96 McLean, George Development of a wildlife artist
914 17-Sep-96 Rising, Jim Travels in Zimbabwe
913 21-May-96 Boyer, Michael Taxonomic problems in identifying mushrooms of Muskoka and Algonquin Park regions
912 16-Apr-96 Scovell, Ron Birding adventures in Peru
911 19-Mar-96 Murphy, Bob Biodiversity in Vietnam
910 20-Feb-96 Obbard, Martin Studies of the black bear in Ontario
909 16-Jan-96 Falls, Bruce The Galapagos Islands
908 12-Dec-95 Brodin, Anders Food hoarding in titmice and chickadees
907 21-Nov-95 Gibo, David Flight tactics in monarch butterflies
906 16-Oct-95 McAndrews, Jock Stump fences, white pine and the Little Ice Age
905 19-Sep-95 Brodie members Various
904 16-May-95 Riley, John History of Prairie habitat in Ontario
903 18-Apr-95 Carrick, Bill Personal experiences with leading waterfowl
902 21-Mar-95 Myles, Tim Journey to the termite
901 21-Feb-95 Hubbes, Martin Dutch Elm Disease
900 17-Jan-95   Meeting program
900 17-Jan-95 Sinclair, Lister Emergent properties
899 Dec 94 minutes missing  
898 Nov 94 minutes missing  
897 18-Oct-94 Brodie members Various
896 20-Sep-94 Ranford, Barry The Franklin expedition
895 17-May-94 Rapley, William Conservation of gorillas
894 19-Apr-94 Rising, Jim Biochemical evidence for avian relationships
893 15-Mar-94 Bishop, Christine Snapping turtle biology
892 15-Feb-94 Hamr, Premek Crayfish tales from Ontario to Tasmania
891 18-Jan-94 Stutchbury, Bridget Hooded Warblers: extra-pair mating and DNA fingerprinting
890 14-Dec-93 Lang, Tony Variation in the Fox Sparrow
889 16-Nov-93 Knapton, Richard Waterfowl research at Long Point
888 19-Oct-93 Tovell, Walter Geology of the Niagara Escarpment
887 21-Sep-21 Brodie members Various
886 18-May-93 Savage, Howard Hair of early North American humans
885 20-Apr-93 Plowright, Chris Taking bumblebees seriously
884 16-Mar-93 Bendell, Jim Grouse, hares and elephants
883 16-Feb-93 McInnes, Charles Rabies Control in Ontario
882 19-Jan-93 Tasker, Ron Birding in Irian Jaya, New Guinea
881 15-Dec-92 Johnston, Robert Role of the zoo in herptile conservation
880 17-Nov-92 Darling, Christopher Collecting insects in Indonesia
879 20-Oct-92 Grayson, John Darwin’s last fling
878 15-Sep-12 Brodie members Various
877 19-May-92 Savage, Howard Prehistoric fauna of the Niagara Escarpment
876 21-Apr-92 Collins, Desmond The Burgess Shales
875 17-Mar-92 Martin, Norma Catherine Parr Traill, pioneer botanist, and the Rice Lake Plains
874 18-Feb-92 Aird, Paul The Ottawa Valley: A chronicle of changing concepts in forest conservation
873 21-Jan-92 Boonstra, Rudy Are snowshoe hares the centre of the boreal forest ecosystem?
872 17-Dec-91 Hussell, David Declines in Neotropical migrant birds: how good is the evidence?
871 19-Nov-91 Falls, Bruce; Bendell, Jim Brodie Club members at the Antipodes
870 15-Oct-91 Whitlock, Kelly Training dolphins in Colombia
869 17-Sep-91 Duncan, Bruce Virginia Opossum
868 21-May-91 Lindgren, Rick Class Environment Assessment of Timber Management
867 16-Apr-91 Churcher, C. S. Characteristics of the desert around Dakhla Oasis, Egypt
866 19-Mar-91 Lumsden, Harry Restoration of the Trumpeter Swan
865 19-Feb-91 Crossman, Ed Building the fish collection at the Royal Ontario Museum
864 15-Jan-91 Crins, Bill Flavenoid chemistry and evolution in the tarweeds
863 18-Dec-90 Riley, John Geography and distribution puzzles of northern Ontario
862 20-Nov-90 Cadman, Mike Atlassing in Ontario: rare birds, and mammals
861 16-Oct-90 Pilliar, Rob Dental implants
860 17-Sep-90 Savage, Howard; Riley, John Spelunking for faunal bone in the Niagara Escarpment
859 15-May-90 McNicholl, Martin The Cuban connection: training bird banders
858 17-Apr-90 Bennett, John Wild Turkey management in Ontario
857 20-Mar-90 Hussell, David Factors affecting clutch size in Tree Swallows
856 20-Feb-90 Wernaart, Martin Mountsberg Conservation Area
855 16-Jan-90 Carrick, Bill Swans, geese and other topics
854 19-Dec-89 Falls, Bruce Nature tour, Costa Rica
853 21-Nov-89 Herzberg, Louise Pocketful of Galls: William Brodie
852 16-Oct-89 Huff, Don Environment assessment hearing, timber management
851 19-Sep-89 Armson, Ken Environmental Assessment Hearings on Forest Management
850 16-May-89 Fleming, Ian Reproductive ecology of Pacific salmon
849 18-Apr-89 Reynolds, John Sexual selection in Trinidadian guppies
848 21-Mar-89 Engstrom, Mark The biogeography of the Yucatan Peninsula
847 21-Feb-89 Tasker, Ron Natural history trip to USSR
846 17-Jan-89 Edmund, Gordon 30 years’ study of fossil giant armadillos
845 20-Dec-88 Sherry, David Memory and the brain in food-storing birds
844 15-Nov-88 Watt, Melanie Jaguars of Belize: the year of the jaguar
843 18-Oct-88 Gruspier, Kathy; Mullin, Grant Mining, disease and the medieval population of Rocca San Silvestro, Province of Tuscany, Italy
842 20-Sep-88 Taylor, Mark The biology and conservation of small mammalian carnivores
841 17-May-88 Euler, David Native wildlife in captivity
840 19-Apr-88 Churcher, C. S. Faunas of the Dakleh Oasis, Egypt
839 15-Mar-88 Jefferies, Robert The Snow Geese of La Perouse Bay
838 16-Feb-88 Storck, Peter New findings on an old subject: Palaeo-Indians in Ontario
837 19-Jan-88 Nicks, Trudy Indians, animals and the fur trade
836 15-Dec-87 Morgan-Jones, John Penicillin: the first of the miracle drugs
835 17-Nov-87 Cadman, Mike Atlas of the Breeding birds of Ontario
834 20-Oct-87 Grace, Ken Unraveling termite behaviour: problems and management
833 15-Sep-87 Gryfe, Art Northern Chile: geography and peoples, past and present
832 19-May-87 Lovesek, Jim Mermaids and man-eaters
831 21-Apr-87 Smith, Mary Treasure from the deep: Coelacanth
830 17-Mar-87 Barrett, Suzanne Environmental issues in the Amazon Basin
829 17-Feb-87 Imhoff, Jack Stream rehabilitation: theory and application
828 20-Jan-87 Stabb, Mark The ecology and status of flying squirrels in Ontario
827 16-Dec-86 Lumsden, Harry Re-introduction of the Trumpeter Swan into Ontario
826 18-Nov-86 Carrick, Bill Wildlife photography
825 21-Oct-86 Speakman, John A trip down the Coppermine River
824 16-Sep-86 McIlwraith, Tom Field naturalist and field culturist in the Ontario countryside
823 20-May-86 Livingston, John The fur issue
822 15-Apr-86 Murphy, Bob Genes, tectonic plates and reptiles of Baja California
821 18-Mar-86 Edmund, Gordon Current research on armadillos
820 18-Feb-86 Bousfield, Ed The Order Amphipoda
819 21-Jan-86 Calder, Dale Atlantic coast jellyfish
818 17-Dec-85 Strzalkowski, Martha The fascinating world of the Comet Halley
817 19-Nov-85 Gibo, Donald Control of flight direction in migrating butterflies
816 15-Oct-85 Bodsworth, Fred Soviet birds and politics
815 17-Sep-85 Horne, Patrick Palaeopathology: mummies I have known
814 7-May-85 Lambie, Ian Oilbirds
813 9-Apr-85 Scott, Peter; Bentley, Cathy The tree line at Churchill, Manitoba
812 19-Mar-85 Weseloh, Chip the Herring Gull egg monitoring programme
811 19-Feb-85 Baker, Allan Evolution of Chaffinch populations of Atlantic islands
810 15-Jan-85 Timmer, Vic Soils: what they are and what they do
809 18-Dec-84 Stewart, Darryl The butterflies of Point Pelee
808 20-Nov-84 Bortolotti, Gary The natural history of Bald Eagles in Saskatchewan
807 16-Oct-84 Aird, Paul Eastern red and white pine timber harvests
806 18-Sep-84 Jones, Ian Ancient Murrelets
805 15-May-84 Martin, Norm; Martin, Norma the biology of Liberia
804 17-Apr-84 Voigt, Dennis The wildlife rabies program
803 20-Mar-84 Aird, Paul and Bendell, Jim; Riley, John; Pope, Don The Attawapiskat River and its environs
802 21-Feb-84 Sherry, David Memory in food-storing birds
801 17-Jan-84 Reading, Ken Botanical and mineraliogical survey of the northern wilderness
800 12-Dec-83 Cruise, Jim The ROM and the Brodie Club association
799 15-Nov-83 Cosens, Susan Problems of sound transmission by birds
798 18-Oct-83 Reynolds, John Red-necked Phalaropes and other wildlife, Churchill, Manitoba
797 15-Nov-83 Morgan-Jones, John Mushrooms, history and crime
796 17-May-83 Chapman, Christopher Films: “Seasons” and “Quetico Park”
795 19-Apr-83 Hollett, Alan The Dakleh Oasis, Egypt
794 15-Mar-83 Cadman, Mike The Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas
793 15-Feb-83 Varga, Steve Threatened natural areas around Toronto
792 18-Jan-83 Falls, Bruce Fauna and flora of Kenya, Tanzania and Seychelles Islands
791 14-Dec-82 Jenkins, Peter Some New Zealand birds and islands
790 16-Nov-82 Nasmith, Eric; Aird, Paul Perspectives on the Queen Charlotte Islands
789 19-Oct-82 Gunn, Donald Native orchids of Canada
788 21-Sep-82 Fetteroff, Peter The gulls and terns of Toronto Harbour
787 18-May-82 Irving, William Bone implements from the Old Crow Flats and other subjects
786 20-Apr-82 Falls, Bruce Whitethroat’s colour and behaviour
785 16-Mar-82 Tasker, Ron Electrical mapping of the human brain
784 16-Feb-83 Riley, John; Boissoneau, Art The Hudson Bay Lowlands
783 19-Jan-82 Crins, Bill Some aspects of the natural history of northern Nigeria
782 15-Dec-81 McAndrews, Jock Ontario forests and prehistoric people
781 10-Nov-81 Nero, Bob Great Grey Owls
780 20-Oct-81 Mitchell, Lauralee Birding in Siberia and Mongolia
779 15-Sep-81 Johstone, E. F.  
778 19-May-81 Carrick, Bill Water World
777 21-Apr-81 Hummel, Monte Canada’s position on whaling
776 17-Mar-81 Reid, Ron The natural history of wetlands
775 17-Feb-81 Ankenman, Grant The reptiles of Ontario
774 20-Jan-81 Maycock, Paul The Southern Deciduous Forest
773 16-Dec-80 Speakman, John Cataracts: Diagnosis, classification and treatment
772 18-Nov-80 Barr, J. Loon species in Canada
771 21-Oct-80 Winterbottom, Rick Is the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean dying?
770 16-Sep-80 Beebe, Brenda Late Pleistocene fauna of the Old Crow region of the northern Yukon
769 20-May-80 Falls, Bruce Birdsong
768 15-Apr-80 Reading, Ken Into darkest Darien
767 18-Mar-80 Naylor, Bruce Life history and adaptation of salamanders
766 19-Feb-80 Lumsden, Harry Metro waterfowl, including the Giant Canada Geese
765 15-Jan-80 Hubbes, Martin Dutch Elm Disease
764 18-Dec-79 Cullen, J. B. Thallium poisoning in the gorilla
763 20-Nov-79 Savage, Howard Nakht: A weaver of Thebes, 3200 years ago
762 16-Oct-79 Bendell, Jim The Blue Grouse: Questions in population biology
761 18-Sep-79 Evans, Peter Shorebirds on the River Tees
760 15-May-79 Bertin, Leonard Harrisburg-Three Mile Island nuclear facility
759 17-Apr-79 Garrad, Charles The Petuns: Ontario indians of the Turtle Clan
758 20-Mar-79 Harvey, Harold Environment acidification in the past ten years
757 20-Feb-79 Miner, John Movement of fishes in bodies of water
756 16-Jan-79 Henderson, Brian Studies of the European rabbit near Aberdeen, Ccotland
755 19-Dec-78 Freedman, William and Catling, Paul A snake population near Amherstberg, Essex County
754 21-Nov-78 Catling, Paul Orchid polination
753 17-Oct-78 Carrick, Bill Man’s domestication of animals
752 19-Sep-78 Penhale, Barry Conservation of frogs, snakes and turtles in Ontario
751 26-May-78 Crossman, Ed The muskellunge in Ontario
750 18-Apr-78 Falls, Bruce Social evening
750 18-Apr-78 Clarke, Doug Historical overview
749 21-Mar-78 Yorga-Walke, Brian Eskimo ingenuity: A prehistoric perspective
748 21-Feb-77 Goodwin, Mel Hawksbill turtles of the Grenadine Islands
747 17-Jan-78 Hamel, Peter Bird life in El Salvador
746 20-Dec-77 Campbell, Hugh It’s for the birds
745 15-Nov-77 Tasker, Ron Observations on the Upper Amazon
744 20-Oct-77 Aird, Paul The search for the Kirtland’s Warbler in Ontario
743 20-Sep-77 James, Ross The bird population of Pickle Lake, northern Ontario
742 17-May-77 Baker, Alan The oystercatcher in New Zealand
741 19-Apr-77 Freedman, Bill Environmental effects of boreal oil spills
740 15-Mar-77 Fowle, David The spruce budworm in Canada
739 15-Feb-77 Savage, Howard Domestic chickens in Canada in 17th-19th centuries
738 18-Jan-77 Catling, Paul Plant distribution in Ontario
737 21-Dec-76 MacLeod, Don Community and government in Archaeology
736 16-Nov-76 Speakman, John Ophthalmological conditions in northern Canada
735 19-Oct-76 Rogers, Ed Northern Ontario Indian subsistence since contact
734 21-Sep-76 Alison, Bob Legislation re aviculture
733 18-May-76 Dorland, Ross; MacKenzie, Donna Mosquito-borne encephalitis in Ontrio
732 20-Apr-76 Baker, Alan Geographic variation in Arctic hares
731 16-Mar-76 Thompson, Don The gray squirrels in Mount Pleasant Cemetery
730 17-Feb-76 Brodie Members Various
729 20-Jan-76 Bondrup-Neilsen, Soren The Boreal Owls near Kapuskasing
728 19-Dec-75 Scott, Bev Recent changes in the Great Lakes commercial fisheries
727 18-Nov-75 Ladell, John Urban development in Mississauga
726 21-Oct-75 Savage, Howard; Nagorsen, Dave Field work at Old Crow, Yukon Territory
725 16-Sep-75 Barlow, Jon; James, Ross Is the Traill’s Flycatcher problem still a problem?
724 20-May-75 Sigmon, Beckie Early man in Africa
723 15-Apr-75 Lawrie, Andrew The management of the Great Lakes
722 19-Mar-75 Clarke, Doug The sport of hunting
721 18-Feb-75 Schueler, Aleta Biological illustrating
720 21-Jan-75 Edmund, Gordon Sloths, anteaters and armadilloes
719 16-Dec-74 Skeel, Margaret Nesting habits of the Hudsonian Curlew
718 19-Nov-74 Tamsitt, Jim Colombia
717 15-Oct-74 Savage, Howard; Lewin, Peter The Mummy Nakht
716 17-Sep-74 Barlow, Jon Field trip and conference, Canberra, Australia
715 21-May-74 Outram, Alan Extinctions
714 17-Apr-74 Ball, Ian Free-living flatworms – Planaria
713 19-Mar-74 Lumbers, Sydney Diamondiferous rocks of Lesotho and SouthAfrica Republic
712 19-Feb-74 Parsons, Tom Fossil food chains
711 15-Jan-74 Bendell, Jim The forests of British Columbia
710 18-Dec-73 Carrick, Bill Photo safari to Zambia
709 20-Nov-73 Davis, Rolf Environmental bird aspects of the Mackenzie River pipe-line
708 17-Oct-73 Pryor, Francis The Fengate Site, England
707 18-Sep-73 Ramaikess, Paul Field trip to Ellesmere Island
706 15-May-73 Emery, Alan Coral reef ecology
705 17-Apr-73 Bubenik, Anthony Antlers and horns
704 19-Mar-73 McAndrews, Jock Lake Agassiz lives on
703 20-Feb-73 Hamel, Peter Human and other animal ecology in Uganda
702 16-Jan-73 Hussell, David Migratory energy of birds
701 19-Dec-72 Davis, Rolf Comparative ecology of the Arctic and Red-throated Loon
700 21-Nov-72 Brodie, Steve Social evening
699 18-Oct-72 Peck, George Breeding birds in the Subarctic
698 19-Sep-72 Sabelis, Herbert Marine invertebrates
697 17-May-72 Gait, Robert Quartz
696 18-Apr-72 Storck, Peter Earliest human occupation of Ontario
695 21-Mar-72 Irving, William Early Man and Pleistocene mammals in the Yukon
694 15-Feb-72 Savage, Howard; Churcher, C. S. Kom-Ombo: A pre-dynastic site in Upper Egypt; Unusual bone findings at archaeological sites
693 18-Jan-72 Scott, Bev The swordfish
692 21-Dec-71 Colins, Desmond The sex life of the squid
691 16-Nov-71 James, Ross Why do vireos sing?
690 19-Oct-71 Middleton, A. L. A. Finches
689 21-Sep-71 Long, Charles Biology of the American Robin
688 18-May-71 Karstad, Lars Wildlife diseases of Ontario
687 20-Apr-71 Carrick, Bill “Springtail” – life history of the Pintail
686 16-Mar-71 Kisko, Leslie The dire wolf
685 16-Feb-71 Tovell, Walter The geology of Iceland
684 19-Jan-71 McGowan, Chris Ichthyosaurs
683 17-Dec-70 Russell, Loris The great Saskatchewan mouse mine
682 17-Nov-70 McKeating, Gerald Recent trends in the Federation of Ontario Naturalists
681 20-Oct-70 Power, Dennis The problem of incentives of human population control
680 15-Sep-70 Barlow, Jon The use of behaviourism in studying bird relationships
679 21-May-70 Savage, Howard Birds in Canadian prehistory
678 21-Apr-70 Peterson, Randolph The Cameroun
677 17-Mar-70 Chant, Donald The Mid-Canada Development Foundation
676 17-Feb-70 McAndrews, Jock Pollen analysis in the changing vegetation and climate in the Great Lakes region
675 20-Jan-70 Geraghty, Paul Sketch book safari – Great Britain and Africa
674 16-Dec-69 Wiggins, Glenn Life in a part-time pond: caddis flies
673 18-Nov-69 Orenstein, Ron A Pacific odyssey
672 21-Oct-69 Rising, James Hybridization of orioles in the Great Plains
671 16-Sep-69 Barr, David The biology of water mites
670 20-May-69 Collins, Desmond Prehistoric submarines
669 15-Apr-69 Churcher, C. S. Early North American man
668 18-Mar-69 Clark, Gordon The ecological effect of nuclear warfare
667 18-Feb-69 Falls, Bruce Bird-song
666 21-Jan-69 Mosovsky, Nicholas Orientation in turtles
665 17-Dec-68 Edmund, Gordon Fossil hunting
664 19-Nov-68 Morris, Glen K. Grasshopper communications
663 15-Oct-68 Young, Cuyler, Jr. Human history in western Iran
662 17-Sep-68 Fenton, Brock the ecology of bats in Ontario
661 21-May-68 Baillie, Jim Point Pelee and its birds
660 16-Apr-68 Johnstone, Dave Rabies in Ontario
659 19-Mar-68 Rogers, Ed The Indians of Ontario
658 20-Feb-68 Pointing, Phil Fly-fishing by a biologist
657 23-Jan-68 Gunn, W. W. H. Sable Island
656 19-Dec-67 Tasker, Ron The Yukon Alpine Centennial Expedition
655 21-Nov-67 Savage, Howard Fowl pox in native North American birds
654 17-Oct-67 Peterson, Randolph Bats and madagascar
653 19-Sep-67 Brodie, Steve Renewing nature’s wealth
652 16-May-67 Neal, John Biological assessment of water
651 18-Apr-67 Baillie, Jim Ontario’s early naturalists
650 Mar 67 Emerson, Norman The problem of identifying Cahiague
650 Mar 67 Outram, Allan Some club history
649 Feb 67 Barlow, Jon Do birds hibernate?
648 Jan 67 Townsend, G. F. The world of the honey bee
647 Dec 66 Speakman, John The Eastern Arctic Patrol, 1966
646 Nov 66 Bowness, E. Rendle The effect of light on mink reproduction
645 Oct 66 Outram, Alan Bear-baiting
644 Sep 66 Long, Charles Milawi (formerly Nyasaland)
643 May 66 Scollard, Norman The 1966 seal hunt
642 Apr 66 Bertin, Leonard Man in space
641 Mar 66 Turner, K. The use of pesticides in Ontario
640 Feb 66 Churcher, C. S. The Incas of Peru
639 Jan 66 Shortt, Terry The Galapagos
638 Dec 66 Bodsworth, Fred The world of birds
637 Nov 66 Barlow, Jon Uruguayan zoogeography
636 19-Oct-65 Gatti, Ario A year underwater
635 21-Sep-65 Heppes, John Game conservation in Uganda
634 18-May-65 Falls, Bruce A naturalist looks at Australia
633 20-Apr-65 Dyer, Mel The Red-winged Blackbird control project
632 16-Mar-65 Gatti, Ario Wildlife of the southwestern United States
631 16-Feb-65 Martin, Norm Forest successions in Algonquin Park
630 19-Jan-65 Hunt, Murray Deposition of fallout strontium-90 in the teeth of children and cattle
629 15-Dec-64 McLean, Donald Zoonoses
628 17-Nov-64 Carrick, Bill Waterfowl
627 29-Oct-64 Tovell, Walter Andean impressions
626 17-Sep-64 Helmsley, Al The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
625 19-May-64 Harif, Hahamad Background to British Guiana
624 21-Apr-64 Anderson, Roy A new explanation for the Neurologic Disease (moose staggering)
623 17-Mar-64 Gatti, Ario The diorama of the tea country of India
622 18-Feb-64 Churcher, C. S. Sabre-toothed tigers
621 21-Jan-64 Rodgers, K. Great Lakes research aboard the Port Dauphine
620 17-Dec-63 Fallis, Murray Blood parasites of birds
619 19-Nov-63 Jorgenson, Erik Problems of control of the Dutch elm disease
618 15-Oct-63 Tasker, Ron Arctic Scandinavia
617 17-Sep-63 Brodie Members Various
616 21-May-63 Speakman, John Glaucoma
615 16-Apr-63 Gatti, Ario; Carrick, Bill Underwater photography
614 19-Mar-63 Lemon, Roy ROM fossil explorations in South America
613 19-Feb-63 Rogers, Ed The Mistassini Indians of south central Quebec
612 15-Jan-63 Ryder, R. A. Fisheries survey of the Patricia portion of northern Ontario
611 18-Dec-62 Clarke, C. H. D. East Africa
610 20-Nov-62 Pimlott, Douglas Wolves
609 16-Oct-62 Baldwin, Don The 1962 Sutton River bird expedition
608 18-Sep-62 Brodie Members Various
607 17-Apr-62 Lowther, James K. Polymorphism in the genus Zonotrichia
606 20-Mar-62 Dailey, Robert The Eskimos of Rankin Inlet
605 20-Feb-62 Lumsden, Harry Grouse taxonomy
604 16-Jan-62 Satterly, John South African wildlife
603 19-Dec-61 Swinton, William Archaeopteryx and the origin of birds
602 21-Nov-61 Peterson, Randolph 1961 Expedition to British Guiana
601 16-Oct-61 Gunn, W. W. H. Telescope photography
600 19-Sep-61 Baillie, Jim Members’ notes and observations
599 18-Apr-61 Scollard, Norman Zoological Gardens
598 21-Mar-61 Hussell, David J. T. Bird migration at Long Point
597 21-Feb-61 Dymond, J. R. The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission
596 17-Jan-61 Crossman, Ed Pike
595 20-Dec-60 Brown, William Birds of South America
594 15-Nov-60 Henderson, Gavin A report on land use
593 17-Oct-60 Brodie Members Various
592 20-Sep-60 Brodie Members Various
591 17-May-60 Clarke, C. H. D. Nomina obitera
590 19-Apr-60 Carrick, Bill Film night: Ducks Unlimited, World in a Marsh, and Wildlife in the Rockies
589 25-Mar-60 Baillie, Jim A trip to Florida from Toronto
588 9-Feb-60 Livingstone, John A. Oil pollution in the sea.
587 19-Jan-60 Edmund, Gordon The 1958 ROM Expedition to Peru
586 15-Dec-59 Strasser, Ken Metro Toronto Recreation and Conservation Authority
585 17-Nov-59 Scott, Bev The fishery resources of the Northwest Territories
584 27-Oct-59 Churcher, C. S. The dam on the Zambesi and the stone ruins at Zimbabwi
583 23-Sep-59 Brodie Members Various
582 21-Apr-59 Fowle, David The Wildlife Research Division, Dept. of Lands and Forests of Ontario
581 24-Mar-59 de Vos, Anthony Behaviour of caribou
580 24-Feb-59 Logier, Shelley Snakes of Ontario
579 27-Jan-59 Wilson, J. Tuzo Geodesy and geophysics
578 16-Dec-58 McIlwraith, Tom Archaeological investigations on the north shore of Lake Superior
577 25-Nov-58 Snyder, Lester L. 1958 American Ornithologists’ Union meeting, New York, NY
576 28-Oct-58 Falls, Bruce and Szijj, Les Mechanisms of avian migratory navigation
575 23-Sep-58 Brodie Members Various
574 22-Apr-58 Lunn, John Biology as revealed in archaeology
573 25-Mar-58 Lumsden, Harry Breeding colonies of Snow and Blue Geese on Cape Henrietta Maria
572 25-Feb-58 Emerson, Norman Racial discrimination
571 28-Jan-58 Brodie Members Various
570 17-Dec-57 Burger, Dys Land and water problems in the Netherlands
569 26-Nov-78 Urquhart, Fred Life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
568 22-Oct-57 Edwards, York Life zones of British Columbia
567 24-Sep-57 Brodie Members Various
566 23-Apr-57 Fowle, David Wildlife on the Hudson Bay Plains
565 26-Mar-57 Dunning, R. W. Experiences with northern Ojibwa Indians
564 26-Feb-57 Hepburn, Robin Snow cover in Ontario
563 29-Jan-57 Ide, Fred Some harmful effects of D.D.T.
562 18-Dec-56 Brodie, A. J. Czechoslovakia Forestry Conference (cont.)
561 27-Nov-56 Brodie, A. J. 1956 Forestry Conference in Czechoslovakia
560 23-Oct-56 Tilt, Russ Wild Rice in Ontario
559 25-Sep-56 Brodie Members Various
558 24-Apr-56 Outram, Alan Natural history of the Florida Keys
557 27-Mar-56 Kidd, Ken The Serpent Mound Archaeological Site, Rice Lake
556 28-Feb-56 Ridley, Frank Archaeological excavation at Frank Bay, Lake Nippissing
555 24-Jan-56 Carrick, Bill Photographing polar bear and walrus on Southampton Island
554 13-Dec-55 Allin, A. A. A naturalist and Provincial Pathologist at the Lakehead
553 22-Nov-55 Snyder, Lester L. 1955 American Ornithologists’ Union meeting in Boston, MA
552 25-Oct-55 Helmsley, Al Interpretive services in Provincial Parks
551 27-Sep-55 Brodie Members Various
550 26-Apr-55 Clarke, C. H. D. Explorations and natural history of the Prairies in the 18th Century
549 22-Mar-55 Emerson, Norman Archaeological expedition to Southampton Island
548 22-Feb-55 Thompson, Andrew; Snyder, Lester, Falls, Bruce, Walker, E. M. Our changing climate
547 25-Jan-55 Baillie, Jim The history of the Christmas Census
546 21-Dec-54 Ritchie, Robert C. Lymphosarcoma in the Maskinonge
545 23-Nov-54 Dymond, J. R. Recent trends in natural history interest
544 26-Oct-54 Peterson, Randolph The genus Phenacomys
543 28-Sep-54 Brodie Members Various
542 27-Apr-54 Brodie Members Various
541 23-Mar-54 McIlwraith, Tom The dependence of human populations on the physical environment
540 23-Feb-54 Snyder, Lester L. Summer distribution of birds by species in Ontario
539 26-Jan-54 Brodie Members Various
538 12-Jan-54 Brodie Members Various
537 7-Apr-53 McIlwraith, Tom A new application of science re extra-sensory perception
536 17-Mar-53 Fowle, David 1953 North American Wildlife conference, Washington
535 3-Mar-53 Campbell, J. A. Rabies, past and present
534 17-Feb-53 Soper, J. H. The hart’s-tongue fern
533 3-Feb-53 Devitt, Ott; Mayall, Ken The Kirtland’s Warbler; Ice
532 20-Jan-53 Stermberg, L. the museum trip to Gaspe, 1952
531 6-Jan-53 Baillie, Jim The 1952 Christmas Census
530 16-Dec-52 Clarke, C. H. D. Wildlife in the Soviet Union
529 2-Dec-52 Outram, Alan The panther in New Brunswick
528 18-Nov-52 McIlwraith, Tom A trip along the northern coast of Scotland
527 4-Nov-52 Snyder, Lester L. American Ornithologists’ Union Meeting in Baton Rouge, LA
526 21-Oct-52 Ussher, R. D. Impressions of a summer Park Naturalist at Rondeau
525 7-Oct-52 Carrick, Bill Films on Point Pelee
524 1-Apr-52 Mayall, Ken Recreational parks
523 20-Mar-52 Fowle, David The Southern Research Station, Maple
522 4-Mar-52 Snyder, Lester L. Little green flycatchers
521 19-Feb-52 Falls, Bruce; Smith, Don Wildlife research on Long Point
520 5-Feb-52 Gunn, W. W. H. Algonquin Park research
519 22-Jan-52 Fowle, David Ecology of the Ruffed Grouse
518 8-Jan-52 Udvardy, Dr. How birds spread and colonize new reas
517 11-Dec-51 McIlwraith, Tom The Origin of Christmas
516 27-Nov-51 de Vos, Anthony The Fisher
515 15-Nov-51 Brodie Members Various
514 30-Oct-51 Brodie Members Various
513 16-Oct-51 Brodie Members Various
512 8-May-51 Clarke, C. H. D. The Kon-tiki Expedition
511 24-Apr-51 Brodie Members Various
510 10-Apr-51 Williamson, Vic; Devitt, Ott Determination of hairs by impression; Anthony Gapper, 1799-1883
509 27-Mar-51 McIlwraith, Tom The relationship between race and cultural achievements
508 13-Mar-51 Cook, F. S.; Edwards, R. Y. Vitamins in plants; Wilderness Parks: good land use?
507 27-Feb-51 Ghent, Percy X-rays in zoology
506 13-Feb-51 Ritchie, Robert C. An hydatid cyst
505 30-Jan-51 Munro, David A. Birds of the upper Columbia Rier Vally
504 16-Jan-51 Carrick, Bill Pelee Island
503 2-Jan-51 Cringan, Alex; Hope, Cliff Observations in Patricia District, June and July 1950
502 19-Dec-50 Soper, J. H. With camera and vasculum through southern Ontario
501 5-Dec-50 Hambly, D. H. The proposed biological colour standards
500 21-Nov-50 Outram, Allan Social meeting
499 7-Nov-50 Cringan, Alex; Hope, Cliff Canadian Institute of Forestry Meeting; The birds of Wyoming
498 24-Oct-50 Gunn, W. W. H. 1950 American Ornithologists’ Union Meeting in Minneapolis, MN
497 10-Oct-50 Brodie Members Various
496 26-Sep-50 Brodie Members Various
495 9-May-50 Gunn, W. W. H. A trip to the eastern Arctic
494 25-Apr-50 Falls, Bruce Sudies of the behaviour of deer mice
493 11-Apr-50 Hope, Cliff & Peterson, R. R. Preparation of skeletal material
492 28-Mar-50 Cringan, Alex The food habits of the woodland caribou
491 14-Mar-50 de Vos, Anthony The fisher and marten in Canada
490 28-Feb-50 Thompson, Stuart; Lindsay, R. V. Avian insanity; Some repiles in eastern Ontario
489 14-Feb-50 Creswick, W. P. Regional classification of southern Ontario
488 31-Jan-50 Miller, D. S. Films of penguins, warblers and carnivores
487 17-Jan-50 Baillie, Jim Unique bird specimens from Ontario
486 3-Jan-50 Ide, Fred Streams
485 20-Dec-49 Fowle, David Types of research
484 6-Dec-49 McIlwraith, Tom A holiday on Prince Edward Island
483 22-Nov-49 Toner, George Conservation: A pessimistic view
482 8-Nov-49 Lawrie, A. H. Survey of barren-ground caribou in northern Manitoba and southern Keewatin District
481 25-Oct-49 Snyder, Lester L.; Baillie, D. A. 1949 AOU meeting in Buffalo, NY; 1949 National Audubon Society Convention in Deroit, MI
480 27-Sep-49 Brodie Members Various
479 10-May-49 Brodie Members Various
478 26-Apr-49 McIlwraith, Tom Food of Homo sapiens
477 12-Apr-49 Hambly, D. H. A standard system of coulours in biological work
476 29-Mar-49 Gunn, W. W. H. Barometric pressure patterns and their relations to migrations and distribution
475 15-Mar-49 Devitt, Ott; Outram, Alan A trip to Banff in 1947; Bats: relation of food to teeth
474 1-Mar-49 Lindsay, R. V.; Myall, Ken Observations on the fauna of the Gogama Region; Relations between naturalists and hunters
473 15-Feb-49 Urquhart, Fred 1948 survey of the mosquitoes of Toronto
472 1-Feb-49 Brodie, A. J. Biological control of insect pests
471 18-Jan-49 Ide, Fred Natural history of the Collingwood region
470 4-Jan-49 Clarke, C. H. D. Man and other large mammals
469 21-Dec-48 Scott, Bev Commercial fishing in Ontario
468 7-Dec-48 de Vos, Anthony Mammals of Indonesia
467 23-Nov-48 Carrick, Bill; Fowle, C. D. Duck research at Delta Research Station; Pelee Island Pheasant shoot 1948
466 9-Nov-48 Hope, Cliff & Peterson, R. R. 1948 ROM expedition to Cape Henrietta Maria
465 26-Oct-48 Baillie, Jim Life & works of Charles Fothergill, 1782-1840
464 12-Oct-48 Bard, Fred Waterbird & shorebird situation in western Canada
463 28-Sep-48 Brodie Members Various
462 4-May-48 Ide, Fred Life history of echinoderms
461 20-Apr-48 Lindsay Life history and habits of the bullfrog
460 30-Mar-48 Campbell Zoological parks in Toronto
459 16-Mar-48 Rutter What am I doing here
458 2-Mar-48 Mayall, Ken Conservation in the Department of Planning and Development
457 17-Feb-48 Haimburger Tree hybridization
456 3-Feb-48 MacArthur; Carrick Experiments in selection; Motion pictures of the Delta Duck Station
455 20-Jan-48 Gunn Pictorial record of Exercise Muskox
454 6-Jan-48 Carrick Duck studies at Delta, MB
453 23-Dec-47 Ussher Some aspects of reforestation
452 9-Dec-47 Scott Fishing with the pound net
451 25-Nov-47 Peterson; Laflamme The moose in Ontario; Observations on moose, wolves and bears
450 11-Nov-47 Satterly; Snynder, Baillie and Lloyd Insect catastrophe at Rondeau; memorials on P. A. Taverner
449 28-Oct-47 Edwards; Soper A study of the short-tailed shrew; Aquatic plants at Whitewater Lake
448 14-Oct-47 Hope; Baillie Duck population of Bradley’s Marsh; Double-crested Cormorant in Ontario
447 30-Sep-47 Members Business and observations
446 13-May-47 Saunders Life and work of William Bartram
445 29-Apr-47 Dymond; Shortt By air to Sweden; The future of our avifauna
444 15-Apr-47 Downing; Harrod Distribution of the brown rat in Ontario; Amateur and professional naturalists
443 1-Apr-47 Harrington; Satterly Not a physiological impossibility, but a biological improbability; Patricia from the air
442 18-Mar-47 Hope; James, Campbell Bird population studies in Algonquin Park; Fishing on the Albany River
441 4-Mar-47 Baillie; Ide; Campbell Recollections of some former Brodie Club members; Natural history in Newfoundland; Early days in Newfoundland
440 18-Feb-47 Snyder; Toner; Logier Snowy Owl migrations; Effect of predation on vertebrate populations
439 4-Feb-47 Thompson; Ussher Life and work of Ernest Thompson Seton; How to study birds
438 21-Jan-47 Members Business
437 7-Jan-47 Baillie; Gunn History of the Christmas Bird Census; Exercise Muskox
436 17-Dec-46 Buss; Lindsay Study of Pheasant population in Wisconsin; The Pancake Tortoise
435 3-Dec-46 Clarke The beast of Gevaudan
434 19-Nov-46 Members 6 short talks at 25th anniversary dinner (Royal York Hotel)
433   No meeting — number skipped to correct a numbering error made in 1933
432 5-Nov-46 Brodie; Leeson The Coordination of forest insect control in Canada; Non-parasitic skin diseases of the dog
431 22-Oct-46 Boggs Collecting in South America
430 8-Oct-46 Members Business and observations
429 24-Sep-46 Members Business and observations
428 14-May-46 Members Business and observations
427 30-Apr-46 Leeson; Hope Canine distemper; Food of the Snowy Owl in Toronto region
426 16-Apr-46 Hewitt Bird on the home front
425 2-Apr-46 Brodie; Downing Esperimental work on the spruce budworm with DDT; population and range studies on small ammmals at Smoke Lake, Algonquin Park
424 19-Mar-46 Russell Wartime observations in England
423 5-Mar-46 Hope; Edwards Bird population studies in Algonquin Park; The Wilderness Area [Algonquin Park]
422 19-Feb-46 McCowan Scenery and wildlife of the Canadian Rockies
421 5-Feb-46 Snyder; Southam Tradition in bird life; Rattus norvegicus
420 22-Jan-46 Oughton Success in the snail world
419 8-Jan-46 Rutter; Clarke Christmas Bird Census report; Nomina Abitera
418 18-Dec-45 Devitt; Thompson Penicillin; Bird out of place and why
417 4-Dec-45 Harrod; Baillie The orange garden spider; Early Ontario naturalists
416 20-Nov-45 Fallis; McIlwraith; Ussher Ruffed Grouse investigations; The Bushmen of South Africa
415 6-Nov-45 MacArthur Sexing of chickens
414 23-Oct-45 Satterly; Shortt Geological history of the Bruce Peninsula; Visit to Lake Athabaska
413 9-Oct-45 Urquhart; Rutter Termites; Field day report
412 26-Sep-45 Members Business and observations
411 15-May-45 Members Business and observations
410 1-May-45 Members Business and observations
409 17-Apr-45 Carrick; Dymond Photographic souvenirs; Nature education
408 3-Apr-45 Leeson; Outram Modern veterinary practice; Lice through the ages
407 20-Mar-45 Harrod; Sternberg Preliminary survey of the spiders of Port Credit; Post-war museum technique
406 6-Mar-45 Oughton Field work at Great Slave Lake, 1944
405 20-Feb-45 Owens; White Trees of the Toronto Region; The Bay of Fundy
404 6-Feb-45 Brodie; Langford The spruce budworm; Experimental work with DDT in Algonquin Park
403 23-Jan-45 Clarke The Alaska Highway
402 9-Jan-45 Urquhart; Rutter Modern weather forecasting; Christmas Bird Census report
401 19-Dec-44 McIlwraith; Devitt Characters which distinguish man from other animals; Flightless birds of the world
400 5-Dec-44 Snyder; Baillie; Rutter; Logier; Oughton Early days of the Brodie Club; Dr. William Brodie; Past 100 meetings; Philosophical review of natural science; Report from friends of the feathered folk
399 7-Nov-44 Downing; Clarke Gray Fox in Ontario; Master of the Game
398 24-Oct-44 Baillie; Satterly Federation of Ontario Naturalists Nature School; Summer birds of Beatty-Munro area, Cochrane District
397 10-Oct-44 McDougall; Southam Life and travels of Pallas; Two weeks at Mattawa, ON
396 26-Sep-44 Thompson Names: what they mean and don’t mean
395 9-May-44 Members Business and observations
394 25-Apr-44 Walker Races of the wingless grasshopper and their distribution
392 11-Apr-44 Campbell; Southam Nidification habits of captive birds; Th Emu
391 28-Mar-44 Members W.E. Saunders memorial night (5 talks)
390 14-Mar-44 Harrington; Outram Relation of nutrition to physical degeneration;Nest sites and population of Baltimore Oriole
389 29-Feb-44 Ownes; Toner Ragweeds; Rehabilitation and conservation
388 15-Feb-44 McIlwraith; Snyder Origin of Norh American Indians; Rare bird records from Hudson Bay region
387 1-Feb-44 McDougall; Satterly Joseph Hooker and friends; Geology of Renfrew County
386 18-Jan-44 Leeson; Lindsay Toronto Humane Society; Wild animal life in High Park – past & present
385 4-Jan-44 Rutter Christmas Bird Census
384 14-Dec-43 Harrod; Fallis Notes on spiders esp collection from Toronto; A recent trip to Guatemala
383 30-Nov-43 Smith; Dymond Ahsbirdg’s Marsh & Fisherman’s Island from the 1890’s to 1918; Geographical races
382 16-Nov-43 Devitt; Hope; MacArthur Bella Lake bird ntoes; Wild Turkey in Virginia; melanism and its geographic distribution
381 2-Nov-43 Logier; Brown; Brodie Melanism & breeding habits of Eastern Garter Snake; Notes on ternate group of botrychiums; Conservation in post-war work
380 19-Oct-43 Harkness; Baillie Summer work at Put-In-Bay; Point Pelee birds
379 4-Oct-43 Shortt Thayer’s Gull and its allies
378 21-Sep-43 Members Business and observations
377 11-May-43 Members Business and observations
376 27-Apr-43 Campbell; Downing A trip to North Carolina; Rabbits and hares
375 13-Apr-43 Shortt; Lindsay Commentary on juncos; Amazing strength and stamina of animals
374 29-Mar-43 Walker; McIlwraith Distribution of dragonflies in ON; Three aspects of anthopological observation
373 16-Mar-43 Outram; Bell Ivory-billed Woodpecker; Fungus guns
372 2-Mar-43 Macklin; Emery Botanical and other sketches; Examples of similitude
371 16-Feb-43 Dymond; Snyder Survival of brown and rainbow trout in ON; Colour and colour patterns in birds
370 3-Feb-43 Coventry; Thompson Mor on “The Animal’s World,” Incidental observations
369 19-Jan-43 Hope, Shortt, Downing James By Expedition of 1942
368 5-Jan-43 Satterly; Baillie Mineral survey in Haliburton District; Christmas Bird Census report
367 15-Dec-42 MacArthur; Toner Laboratory and wild races [mice]; Red sore in the pike
366 1-Dec-42 Ownes; Hurlburt The ginkgo tree; Toronto bird stores of by-gone days
365 17-Nov-42 Fallis; Devitt Parasitism in Maskinonge; Hawks & Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
364 3-Nov-42 Fortune Social customs affecting the hormone system
363 20-Oct-42 Shortt; Downing Northwest Crow; Period of maximum activity of small mammals
362 6-Oct-42 Baillie; Brown Records of Little Gull in America; Rare Ontario plants
361 22-Sep-42 Members Business and observations
360 12-May-42 MacArthur; Satterly; Southam Bewick’s Wren; Parry Sound District minerals; Bird banding on Pilgrim Islands
359 28-Apr-42 Bell; Hurlburt; Harrington Spore dispersal by fungi; Life of Charles Waterton; Cowbirds
358 14-Apr-42 Dymond; McIllwraith; Rutter Symposium on criteria in systematics; Certain aspects of ethnological botany; Osteological regneration in birds
357 31-Mar-42 Saunders First introduction of European plants and animals in Canada
356 17-Mar-42 Campbell; Coventry; Thompson Commentary on camels; The Animal’s World; European Starling
355 3-Mar-42 Jackson Less known facts about mushrooms
354 17-Feb-42 Hadwin; Hope Reindeer compared to other domestic animals; Microtus peak of 1941-42
353 3-Feb-42 Dwight Tree growth
352 20-Jan-42 Coleman Rural India
351 6-Jan-42 Members Annual reports; Christmas Bird Census
350 16-Dec-41 Oughton; Shortt Natural history of earthworms; Are there 2 races of Black Duck?
349 2-Dec-41 Hunstman The Salmon’s World
348 18-Nov-41 Toner; McDougall; Logier Check-list of Canadian reptiles and amphibians; Travles of Pere David; Spring appearance & northern ranges of reptiles and amphibians
347 4-Nov-41 Hamly The Munsell Colour System
346 21-Oct-41 Baillie; Snyder The Ancient Murrelet; To California and return
345 7-Oct-41 Members Business and observations
344 23-Sep-41 Members Various
343 13-May-41 Snyder; Toner; Logier Proposed new race of Common Eider; “Living Treasure;” Items from Science News Letter
342 29-Apr-41 Gunn; Dymond Spring migration at Scarboro; Comparisons between Florida and Ontario
341 15-Apr-41 Toner Observations on a trip to Florida
340 1-Apr-41 Solman Research work of Ducks Unlimited
339 18-Mar-41 Prince & Hope; Downing; Harrington Use of dermestid beetles in preparing osteological specimens; Results of livetrapping small mammals; Use of scientific names
338 4-Mar-41 Munro; Downing Observations of Hairy Woodpecker and Mountain Bluebird; Status of the Red Fox
337 18-Feb-41 Dymond; Baillie Can animals survive freezing?; Trail of an artist-naturalist
336 4-Feb-41 Rogers Travels of Wm. Bartram
335 21-Jan-41 Members Annual reports
334 7-Jan-41 Members 6 short talks
333 17-Dec-40 Satterly Geology of Kenora District
332 3-Dec-40 Fallis; McIlwraith; Ussher Parsite of the clothes moth; biological & socialization relations of humans & other mammals and effect of specialization on survial; Recent history of Pilieated Woodpecker
331 19-Nov-40 Hope; Prince; Scott ROMZ Fort Severn Faunal Survey, 1940 [birds, mammals — including Indians, and fishes, respectively]
330 5-Nov-40 Members James Henry Fleming memorial programme (various speakers)
330 5-Nov-40   Fleming memorial papers Part 1 and Part 2
329 22-Oct-40 Devitt; Oughton AOU meeting report; Mollusca of Newfoundland
328 8-Oct-40 Baillie; Logier; Urquhart Eastern records of Western Meadowlark; Status of leopard frog; Insect musicians and banding of Monarch butterflies
327 24-Sep-40 Members Business; observations
326 14-May-40 McDougall The elephant in history with notes on its use in war
325 30-Apr-40 Harrington; Devitt; Oughton Naturalist’s impression of Florida; Food habits of Pilieated Woodpecker; Ornithological conchology
324 16-Apr-40 Brodie; Emery Forest soils; Ridgway’s color nomenclature
323 2-Apr-40 Nash Descent of Man
322 19-Mar-40 Kurata; White; Shortt Manitoulin Island spiders; fish migration studies; Cacti & other phenomena of Southwestern desert
321 5-Mar-40 Satterly Prospecting in Northern Rhodesia
320 20-Feb-40 Members; Fallis Annual reports: botany, streams, Christmas Bird Count; Swimmer’s Itch
319 6-Feb-40 Oughton, Taylor Visit to Canada’s eastern Arctic
318 25-Jan-40 Members Annual reports: weather, fungi, insects, fishes, amphibians & reptiles, birds, mammals
317 9-Jan-40 Taylor, Dr. T.M.C.; Fleming, J.H. Botanical studies on north shore of Lake Superior
316 19-Dec-39 Shortt; Downing Bird of Cochrane-Moosonee region; Mammals of Cochrane-Moosonee area
315 5-Dec-39 MacLulich; Southam; Logier Algonquin Park; Bird banding; philosophical conversation with a tomcat
314 21-Nov-39 Hope; Prince; Scott Birds, Mammals and Fishes [respectively] of the Lake Attawapiskat Region, ON
313 7-Nov-39 Hadwen Vist ot Reindeer herd on McKenzie Delta
312 24-Oct-49 Baillie; Cross; Oughton; Urquhard Scarlet Tanager plumages; experimental live trapping of small mammals; Malacological Union meeting; Ontario crickets
311 10-Oct-39 Whelan Life and work at Smoky Falls, ON (with moving pictures)
310 26-Sep-39 Members Business; observations
309 16-May-39 Lindsay; Owens; Devitt Bird reaction to distress calls; Weed dispersal; King Crab
308 2-May-39 Gunn; Satterly Cardinal studies in ON; Geology of Patricia, ON
307 18-Apr-39 Brodie; Cross; Downing Dept Lands & Forests problems; Society of Mammals meeting; personality of Eliott Coues
306 4-Apr-39 Members 5 short papers
305 21-Mar-39 Members Charles Fothergill; ROMZ history; Rufous Hummingbird display; Pheasant and Cottontail parasites
304 7-Mar-39 Walker Impressions of European natural history
303 21-Feb-39 Kurata; Urquhart Field work at Point Pelle on spiders and grasshoppers [respectively]
302 7-Feb-39 Bell; cross; Russell Seasonal report – fungi; population cycles in ON fur-bearers; The Dodo
301 24-Jan-39 Members 8 short talks
300 10-Jan-39 Members Talks on William Brodie, the club past and present
299 13-Dec-38 Urquhart; Downing; McDougall Report on Entomological Society meeting; ROMZ mammal collecting in Lake Edward region of Quebec; Mark Catesby & his work
298 29-Nov-38 Hope, Prince, Neal ROMZ expedition ot Favourable Lake
297 15-Nov-38 Shortt; Molony Through the Canadian eastern Arctic; Pictures of Washington, D.C.
296 1-Nov-38 Snyder, Emery, Baillie, McDougall, Devitt Report onn American Ornithologists’ Union meeting in Washington, D.C
295 18-Oct-38 Oughton; Logier; McIlwraith F. R. Latchford; Discovery of Butler’s garter snake in Ontario; Fish in their relationship to man
294 20-Sep-38 Members Business and observations
292 10-May-38 Linday; Ussher; Devitt Bigalke’s Naturalization of Animals in South Africa; Bird census work in King Township; Moving pictures of birds
291 26-Apr-38 Mayall Rehabilitation survey in King Township
290 12-Apr-38 Harrington; Baillie, Hope Trip to West Indies & N South America; History & Distribution of the Evening Grosbeak; Variations in the Yellow Warbler.
289 29-Mar-38 Walker On the Taxonomy and evolution of Arthropods
288 15-Mar-38 Downing; Oughton Earthworms; Molluscs
287 1-Mar-38 members 5 short presentations
286 15-Feb-38 Dymond Trends in taxonomy
285 1-Feb-38 Coventry; McIlwraith; Hurlburt Early history of taxonomy
284 18-Jan-38 Members Seasonal reports for 1937
283 4-Jan-38 Rutter; Coventry Christmas Bird Census 1937; Catacradles
282 14-Dec-37 Coventry; McIlwraith; Hurlburt Pyramides of numbers; Inland Eskimos; rediscovery of the Phillipine Parrot Finch
281 30-Nov-37 Fleming & Snyder; Fleming Charleston meeting of the A.O.U.; Waterton vs. Audubon
280 16-Nov-37 Baillie & Shortt; Harrington; Oughton The waterfowl situation; Roosevelt, on concealing coloration; The malacologists’ convention
279 2-Nov-37 Corfe; Kurata; Southam Sphynx month invasion; Spiders; Bird banding
278 19-Oct-37 Dymond; Snyder Sir John Richardson; Northwest Coast Sharp-shinned Hawk
277 5-Oct-37 Members Observations and reviews
276 21-Sep-37 Members Observations and reviews; Report on Annual field day
275 11-May-37 members Observations and reviews
274 27-Apr-37   Field trip to Dunlap Observatory
273 13-Apr-37 McCartney, Urquhart, Lewis Publicity work of the Dept. Game & Fisheries; Migration, Emigration, etc.; Miscellaneous notes
272 30-Mar-37 White, Richards Food of the Kingfisher; A trip to California
271 16-Mar-37 Hope; Fleming; Coventry Food study of the Short-eared Owl; Ontario Crossbills; Relation of size to breeding in mice
270 2-Mar-37 Oughton, Taylor Distribution in Ontario of molluscs and plants
269 16-Feb-37 Morris, Walker, Logier Reminiscences of Dr. W. Brodie; Distribution in Ontario of insects, reptiles and amphibians
268 2-Feb-37 Dymond; Landon Seasonal report on fishes for 1936; Wild flowers.
267 19-Jan-37 Munro Food of mergansers in B.C.
266 5-Jan-37 Rutter, Snyder, Cross,Dymond Report on Christmas Bird Census; Distribution in Ontario of birds, mammals, & fishes
265 15-Dec-36 Shortt; Lindsay Pictures from Alaska; Notes from the Zoo
264 1-Dec-36 Shortt The Expedition to Alaska, 1936
263 17-Nov-36 Harkness Work of the Ontario Fisheries Research Lab
262 3-Nov-36 Fleming, Snyder, Baillie, McDougall, Emery 1936 A.O.U. Meeting, Pittsburgh
261 20-Oct-36 Fallis; Oughton; Cross Household insects; Summer Notes-1936; Wolf vs. Deer
260 6-Oct-36 Dymond; Fleming Killing of Pileated Woodpeckers in Haliburton Co.; Legend of the migration of the Arctic Tern
259 22-Sep-36 Rutter Report on annual field day
258 12-May-36 Members Observations and reviews; field day plans
257 28-Apr-36 Taylor, Dr. T.M.C.; Fleming, J.H. Carnivorous plants; Current opinion on whether small landbirds are becoming scarce
256 14-Apr-36 Bennett, R.E.; Brodie, J.A.; Emery, F.H. Appreciation of John Townson; Prevailing land rights on Long Point; Review of Griscom paper on problems in field identification
255 31-Mar-36 Snyder, L. L.; Lewis, Dr. H.F.; Allin, Dr. A.E. Southward movement of Ptarmigan 1931-34; Two forms of Black Ducks; Ichthyological survey of Long Point
254 17-Mar-36 Sternberg, L. Pleistocene remains in La Brea tar pits
253 3-Mar-36 Ide, Dr. F.P.; Kurata, T.B., McIlwraith, Prof. T.F. Review of McAtee paper on protective adaptation; spiders; natural history observations from anthropological studies
252 18-Feb-36 Fletcher, J. Life of a trapper north of Churchill, Manitoba
251 4-Feb-36 Farmer, C.; Harrod, S. Nature photography; Sometechnical aspects of photography
250 21-Jan-36 Members Seasonal reports for 1935
249 7-Jan-36 Rutter, R.J.; Irving, Prof. L. Report on Christmas Bird Census; Life and the Composition of the Sea
248 17-Dec-35 Snyder, L.L., Shortt, T. M., Hope, C.E. The ROMZ 1935 expedition
247 3-Dec-35 Learmonth, L. A. life on King William Land
246 19-Nov-35 Huntsman, Dr. A.G.’ Seton, Ernest Thompson Salmon investigations on Margaree River; Stories and reminiscences
245 5-Nov-35 Symposium; Oughton, J. G. How far can man control nature?; Rafinesque
244 8-Oct-35 members elections, observations and reviews
243 24-Sep-35 Rutter, R.J. Report on annual field day