The Brodie Club, established 1921

The Brodie Club is a group of serious and knowledgeable naturalists who enjoy lively discussion, penetrating questions and good fellowship. The club’s name honours Dr. William Brodie, one of the greatest all-round naturalists in Canada of his time.

Meetings are held monthly except in summer, and consist of a speaker, often a member, and natural history observations. A field excursion is held annually. Membership is by invitation, preceded by attendance at 3 meetings as a guest of an existing member.

Recent topics:

  • Biodiversity and conservation on the island of Mauritius
  • How beavers enhance the sex life of moose, and other beaver tales
  • Lion tamarins: small-bodied primates of South America
  • Inside C4 photosynthesis: leaf evolution and development
  • Metamorphosis: Ontario`s amphibians at all stages of development
  • Songbird survival in settled landscapes
  • Mud puppies
  • Lyme disease
  • Resurgence of Lake Sturgeon
  • Polar Bears: is there a tipping point?
Next meeting: 
Tuesday, 23 May, 2017Speaker:
Justin Peter

Natural history of Rajasthan and Gujarat



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